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Better in Leather

I really want a pair of brown leather skinnies so I started to search for some and hardly could find an affordable pair! It was hard to find a brown pair but there are plenty of black leather ones. I guess its hard to make faux brown leather not look so cheap!Heres a pair that doesnt look any where near cheap…but thats because $895 isn’t!

These are J Brand!

Yet finally I found some that were more affordable…

These are by Rich and Skinny- $165.25

& these are by CJ by Cookie Johnson- $172


What to wear with them:

Leather sass


Pretty Pretty Pleats


I was recently reading my November issue of InStyle. There was a photo shoot in the magazine inspired by Joe Wright’s drama Anna Karenina with model Alicia Vikander. The main outfit that striked me was a deep, royal blue, silk pleated pant suit by designer Roberto Cavalli. And pleats are a huge trend right now..sooo why not add them to pants!


Yeah, I would love to have those pleated pants..I would love to have anything by Robert Cavalli in my closet! But for now I’m going to have to settle for pleated pants that aren’t sooo pricey! These are a few of my finds…

Image L.A.M.B– $245.00

Image MANGO– $69.99

Image 4 of ASOS Lace Pants With Pleated Front ASOS- $30.78


Pleated Palazzo pants $34.99 METRO STYLE– $34.99

& lastly, these super cute striped pleated pants from Mikkat Market for only $44.00!

P.S.- On 10/17/2010, The Huffington Post reported, “Pleated pants are back in the game, ladies!”

Boot Scootin’ Booties


I cannot wait for Fall to arrive so I can pull out my booties..and buy new ones of course! Since fall-wear is already being seen in stores I have been growing more anxious about its’ arrival! Here are some booties that I’m pretty excited about…

ImageImageImage >>> these 3 found @ modcloth!

Image >>NEW from Steve Madden!

And…all of these found @ Urban Outfitters ❤


well I want to order all of these..if only I had a job!!! or better yet.. find a million dollar blank check!!! I wish….

Steal the SPOT light!!!



These leopard print silk pants are so adorable..if only they weren’t $425!!! even though they are by 3.1 Phillip Lim (love love love!!).

So if you’re like me and can’t pull $425 out of your….piggy bank…then try these instead!! They are from Forever21 and are only $19.80!!!


Or…another similar find from Mikkat Market for only $37.00

style with:

Lace and embroidery shirt(MANGO)

Image (Steve Madden flats)

Or to sex it up a bit….

Image (BCBGeneration Cielo)

and a clutch that will really pop with the outfit…

Image (Betsey Johnson Miss Purse-onality Bag)

Thanks to homework..for once


My teacher made us make a blog for homework, and I really wasn’t thrilled with the assignment because we were limited to what we could write about (hince my last post!). I have always wanted to start a blog, so I am glad she made us do this for a homework assignment, because it has encouraged me to get to bloggin’. The main point of my blog is to show you my favorite fashion finds, from all price points…and that is the reason I called it “If I had a million dollars…” because of course I want all of what I will post…just sadly can’t afford it all!! one day though 😉

Is it the Company’s Buisness?


During class yesterday, we watched a presentation about social media and what it has to do with Public Relations. The presenter said she was going to pull up some of our names on Google, but then after looking us up prior to the presentation she changed her mind because she did not want to embarrass us. That got me to thinking…When employees have their own facebooks, twitters, etc., does it ever make the company look bad with things they post? People always say to “Be yourself”, but that has me wondering if you can really do that with social media when you are representing the company you work for. On Facebook, you are able to put the company you work for out to the public, so you have to be careful what you post because it will reflect on your employer.