Better in Leather

I really want a pair of brown leather skinnies so I started to search for some and hardly could find an affordable pair! It was hard to find a brown pair but there are plenty of black leather ones. I guess its hard to make faux brown leather not look so cheap!Heres a pair that doesnt look any where near cheap…but thats because $895 isn’t!

These are J Brand!

Yet finally I found some that were more affordable…

These are by Rich and Skinny- $165.25

& these are by CJ by Cookie Johnson- $172


What to wear with them:

Leather sass


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  1. I recently purchased a pair of “leather” shorts from F21, Yes I am aware that its not real leather but its close enough! I am so glad all the old trends are coming back, maybe I can break out my moms old red leather pants! too far ?

  2. I love these pants, I have been wanting black leather ones but I really like the brown ones. I also love the outfit you made on Polyvore!!

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