Thanks to homework..for once


My teacher made us make a blog for homework, and I really wasn’t thrilled with the assignment because we were limited to what we could write about (hince my last post!). I have always wanted to start a blog, so I am glad she made us do this for a homework assignment, because it has encouraged me to get to bloggin’. The main point of my blog is to show you my favorite fashion finds, from all price points…and that is the reason I called it “If I had a million dollars…” because of course I want all of what I will post…just sadly can’t afford it all!! one day though 😉


About sarahwieczorek

I am a fashion merchandising student, with a minor in public relations at Georgia Southern University. I will be graduating Spring 2013 and hopefully will be in New York by the Summer with an internship!

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  1. Tell me about to! But we can always make things look good to the best our abilities amd just dream for the better. I’d rather have a good imagination and be poor than be rich and no imagination. Or something like that…

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